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Valentina Segoloni Valentina Segoloni

after an high school diploma in accounting, she leaves numbers and calculations to dedicate herself to her great passion: painting ceramics.
Born and raised in Deruta, she has always lived close to quality ceramics and the finest local decoration styles, thanks to her father Gianfranco's job, amongst the most expert and passioned decorators in Deruta.
In 2002, after working for the Gialletti Giulio's atelier in Deruta, she engaged in this new activity with enthusiasm and the aim to achieve, even in the smallest objects, high quality highlighting Deruta's artisan tradition.

Gianfranco Segoloni

is amongts Deruta's most expert Deruta's decorators, specialised in figurative decoration, isn't less skilled in the classic Deruta-style ornaments such as Raffaello, Ricco Deruta and Arabesco.
His experience, combined with a lot of passion and natural talent, allow him to feature floreal and fruit-style decorations.
Throughout his carreer, he's alwats been a reference point for many artisans and has featured important works for thematic exhibitions, created to revalue Deruta's artisan world.

Gianfranco Segoloni
Nicola Segoloni Nicola Segoloni

the youngest of the family, after the scientific high school graduation he decided to continue the artistic tradition of the family. He works in the laboratory with Valentina from 2012.
His great passion for the English language enables him to establish a friendly relationship with foreign customers.
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